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              外眼EYESHENZHEN | Thumb up for SZ’s epidemic prevention!

              來源:深圳廣電集團紀實節目中心 發布時間:2021-06-09

              打疫苗太方便了!英國網紅為深圳防疫點贊!丨 Convenient vaccination! Thumb up for Shenzhen’s epidemic prevention!



              Although some new cases of COVID-19 were found in Shenzhen again, Shawn didn’t worry about it because he noticed that some health workers still insist on working wearing in thick protective clothing in spite of the hot sun. All of them earned Shawn’s praise especially those staffs working in prevention of epidemic. 

              And Shawn decided to get vaccinated. What surprised him is that there is vaccinating services provided for foreigners which is so convenient and efficient in Shenzhen’s hospital.